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We apply modern technology to produce healthy strawberries, blackberries and raspberries, in the most efficient way possible.

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The ¨Continental Berries¨ Story

Continental Berries SRL was born from the desire of exploiting the potential of the Romanian region Bretea Romana, located in Hunedoara county. This area lies next to Retezat mountains, an extremely favorable place for berries crops.

These fruits have a high market value especially due to the nutritional content and are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and flavonoids, elements considered very beneficial for the human body. For this reason, berries are consumed especially in the European countries, but also in Romania.

Continental Berries relies on the development and modernization of the entire agricultural process for the reproduction, growth, extension, processing, research and in vitro multiplication of these berries plants but also on the creation of new varieties in the near future.

The Continental Berries Solution

The solution offered by Continental Berries is a complete one because on one hand, we want to grow and sell berries, and on the other hand we want to get involved in berries scientific research in order to improve the current varieties and to create others with much higher yields, more resistant to diseases and pests, more productive, etc. Last but not least, Continental Berries wants to implement a partnership program for all farmers interested in this type of crops and that want to grow  with us.

Currently, the company has collaboration contracts with two of the most prestigious universities in Cluj and Timișoara. Collaboration partnerships support our efforts in obtaining in vitro multiplied berries.

The Evolution of Continental Berries

The evolution of Continental Berries from its beginning has been fast and amazing because in just one year, the company managed to plant 16 hectares of blackberries and raspberries but it also built roads, water pipes to fill in water pools, as well as the following annexes: containers equipped with bathrooms, showers, dining room, security room, summer terrace for employees, First-Aid center equipped with all the necessary tools to provide first aid, warehouses equipped with all the necessary machinery for the realization of manual works.

In order to continue this development in which we strongly believe, Continental Berries is looking for reliable collaborators and investors that share our vision and desire to create something totally different from what currently exists in this industry, not just on the Romanian market, but also internationally.

CB Strawberries

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CB Blackberries

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CB Raspberries

Authentic Romanian Raspberry

The Continental Berries Team

Ana Maria Neculai


Ana Maria Neculai studied Economics and International Relations both in Romania and abroad and has a professional experience of 8 years in the field of Recruitment. She wanted to return to Romania with the aim of creating a successful business in a disadvantaged area and to take full advantage of all the opportunities that the area offers in this particular field of agriculture.

Ana Maria Neculai Director General

Kevin Alvarez is the CEO of Blue Lynx Marketing, Inc. Kevin has been offering marketing consultancy for businesses starting with 2008.

Kevin Alvarez

Kevin Joseph Alvarez

Marketing Director

Profesor Doctor Radu Liviu Sumalan, an eminence in the field of genetics engineering and molecular biology, awarded with the gold medal for his inventions regarding solar irrigation systems. 

Prof Dr Radu Sumalan

Prof. Doctor Radu Sumalan

Research and Innovation Director


Continental Berries is looking for investors! Find out about the investment packages we offer and join our team, with confidence, dedication and professionalism!
With the help of these investments we aim to mechanize the entire agricultural process at CB. Thus, we will be able to considerably reduce the costs of crops´ care compared to the manual procedures (ie. tractors, tank sprinklers, labor and reducing the quantity of products used for the treatment of diseases and pests by 40-50%).

Environment protection
CB wants to attract investors also on the side of environmental protection through mechanization, which entails a significant reduction in costs compared to the traditional methods. Thus, by implementing the irrigation system based on drip and fertigation, the pollution of the environment is reduced considerably by 70%. By sprinkling with drones through micro-spray, we will also manage to reduce by up to 50% the pollution of the environment because micro-spray is a uniform spray method that reduces the need to spray with tractors throughout the entire plantation.


The idea of ​​creating this collaborative program came from the desire of supporting the Romanian peasant, thus eliminating the intermediaries who gain from their work. This partnership will be a transparent one and will bring benefits to both parties, but especially to the Romanian peasant who will feel satisfied that his work is rewarded accordingly.

In order to become a partner of our company, first of all, the land held must be owned by  each interested person and there must be a constant water source near it.

Our company will conclude with each interested party a collaboration contract with a duration of 12 years by which it is committed to provide each of the partners with plants, crop monitoring and consultancy throughout the contractual period in exchange for 15% of the total production per year. At the same time, Continental Berries undertakes to pay the entire remaining production (ie 85%) at a fair price, which is established by the European fruit exchanges.

Through this type of collaboration we want to promote the reintegration of the Romanian peasant in the Romanian agriculture, eliminating the intermediaries and paying the producer a fair price according to their efforts, so that they will feel motivated to expand their crops in the coming years.

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