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Have you ever thought that by owning a piece of land you can have your own business? IF not, we will tell you how!

The idea of ​​creating this collaborative program came from the desire to support the Romanian peasant who owns a piece of land, thus eliminating the intermediaries who gain from their work. This partnership will be a transparent one and will benefit both parties, but especially to the Romanian peasant who will be pleased to see that his work is correctly rewarded.


Why To Become A Continental Berries Partner?

In order to become a partner of our company, first of all, the land held must be owned by the interested person and there must be a constant water source near it.

Our company will conclude with each interested party a collaboration contract with a duration of 12 years by which it is committed to provide each of the partners with plants, monitoring of  the culture and consulting throughout the contractual period in exchange of the 15% of the total production per year.

At the same time, Continental Berries undertakes to pay the entire remaining production (i.e. 85%) at a fair price, which is established by the European fruit exchanges.

Through this type of collaboration we want to promote the reintegration of the Romanian peasant in the Romanian agriculture, eliminating the intermediaries and paying the producer a fair price, so that they will be motivated to expand the  plantation in the coming years.

In this way, both sides will win and we hope that we will be able to lay the foundation for a model of sustainable agricultural and economic growth that will enable us to grow while our partners grow as well.

THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR CHANGE belongs to each of us!

Do not expect the president, the minister or the mayor to make these changes after which you long for ! each of us is responsible  to start changing this beautiful country. Be part of the change, too!

We all have a place in this welfare equation!

All you have to do, if you meet the above conditions and want to know more about the partnering opportunity offered by Continental Berries, is to contact us by phone or by filling out the form. We will contact you as soon as possible and we will give you all the necessary details.

Distributia Culturilor Continental Berries

Currently, the company has collaboration contracts with two of the most prestigious universities in Cluj and Timișoara. Collaboration partnerships support our efforts in obtaining in vitro multiplied berries.

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