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The Continental Berries Difference

Continental Berries decided to apply this in-vitro multiplication process to all crops of blackberry, raspberry and strawberry. Of course, this process is closely related to scientific research in the field of agronomy, an aspect that Continental Berries considers fundamental for its development. That is why the company wants, for the near future, to create performing genetic laboratories, where this research can flourish and reach the same level as in Western Europe. In this way, our company will seek not only the development of the current plantation but also the creation of new varieties which are more productive and more resistant to diseases, pests and to the climatic conditions in our country. The development of the company will have the following 3 directions:

– Cultivation and processing of blackberry, strawberry and raspberry fruits

– Genetic research for obtaining plants through the in vitro multiplication process

– Consultancy to all farmers interested in setting up a similar plantation

Continental Berries wants to bring again into light the potential of the Romanian agriculture, taking into account the human factor and the needs of the community, offering to  all Romanians a 100% Romanian berry production.

Did you know that...

Plants of blackberries, raspberries, strawberries grown in vitro:

  • have a much better root system?

  • almost 100% of the plants obtained like this manage to survive in the field (i.e. outside the laboratory)?

  • are uniform ( i.e.  all have the same characteristics)?

  • their shoots give fruits faster?

  • are sterile, without diseases and viruses?

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