CB Strawberries

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CB Strawberries

Perfect to pick them up

 Strawberries belong to the category of berries fruits and are characterized by the bright red color, the juicy and sweet taste. They are an excellent source of vitamin C and manganese and also contain significant amounts of folate and potassium.They are also very rich in antioxidants and plant compounds, which can have heart health benefits. Like most berries, they are recommended for weight control, as they contain small amounts of sugar. Last but not least, these fruits are recommended  to diabetics because of the high fiber content that also contributes to the regulation of blood sugar by avoiding extreme levels.

About Variety

What makes the variety of CB strawberries special

There are over 600 varieties of strawberries, but Continental Berries focuses on two varieties that have proven to be resistant and productive, taking into account the climatic conditions in Romania: Honeoye and Vibrant.

Honeoye – This variety was introduced in 1979 by berry specialists at the Experimental Station in Geneva, NY. This variety is suitable for the climatic conditions in Romania. Plants are very resistant to low temperatures, are vigorous and have resistance to gray rot. The fruits obtained have a pleasant commercial appearance, ripen at the beginning of the middle season, are sweet, firm and succulent. The flavour is also different from all other varieties.

Vibrant – Created and selected by East Malling Research, Vibrant is an early variety of superior quality. The fruits are uniform, large or very large. At the same time, they have an excellent commercial appearance, are vigorous, uniform and have a conical shape. They are resistant to transport and have a special taste and flavour.

  • A cup of fresh, sliced ​​strawberries, or the equivalent to 166 g, contains a number of important nutrients in the following quantities:

    Calories: 53 kcal.

    Protein: 1.11 g.

    Carbohydrate: 12.75 g.

    Dietary fiber: 3.30 g.

    Calcium: 27 mg.

    Iron: 0.68 mg.

    Magnesium: 22 mg.

    Phosphorus: 40 mg.


    Source: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/271285.php

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