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25,000 Euro Mimimum Investment
Aimed Capital: 750,000 Euro

Buyback Period < 3 years
Estimated Investment Yield 19.73%
Available Capital 30%

It is estimated that the global need for berries will get to a compensated annual increase rate of 5.8%.


Continental Berries needs investors that are willing to invest in the creation of performing genetic laboratories in order to carry out this genetic research that will be conducted by professionals in the field of agronomy. The benefits of investments in this scientific research will be seen in the next 5 years after obtaining genetically multiplied plants and new plant varieties. Continental Berries wants to be an important player in the Romanian and European agricultural market of berries, whose main purpose is the modernization and mechanization of the whole agricultural chain.


Firstly, because we want to do things differently. The vision of our company is to become a market leader in the agricultural sector of berries and to exploit to the full the entire production chain starting from the genetic research, multiplication, growth, production development and processing of strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. 

Why to invest in a business with berries?

Great market conditions

Currently, there is a negative trade balance in Europe for berries, with a 31% increase in imports between 2015-2017. The total value of the fruits imported during this 3-year period represents 287,927,387 euros. (source Eurofresh-Distribution Magazine).

According to the analysis of the research firm Persistence Market Research, RACC (annual compound growth rate) of forest fruits, expected for the years 2017-2027 is of 5.1%.

(Based on the evaluation from:

"The sky seems to be the limit in the fresh fruit sector of the continent (EU)" Rabo Research April 2016

Berries are healthy and are considered a “Super Food”

Increasing concern about people’s health and inclination towards healthy eating are just a few of the key factors driving overall growth of berries.

Berries are considered Superfoods

Rich in antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C and flavonoids

The berries contain anthocyanins – a type of flavonoid that simulates the secretion of the Sirtuin 6 anti-cancer cell enzyme (SIRT6).

In addition to their special taste, nutritional value and popularity, berries also have an increased use purpose. The berries are used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and personal care, food supplements and beverages. Especially in the cosmetics industry, manufacturers are introducing new product lines such as anti-aging products that contain berries extracts.

About Continental Berries and Our Smart Business

Continental Berries aims to update the Romanian agricultural industry and to become a point of reference both in the cultivation and in the scientific research of berries not only nationally, but also in Europe.

The emphasis is especially on the mechanization of all the stages involved in the agricultural process, and the process of obtaining the plants is that of in vitro multiplication. Continental Berries relies on this process because it considers it revolutionary and extremely beneficial to the agriculture and consumption needs of the 21st century. At the same time, Continental Berries comes with a partnership program specially developed to help the Romanian peasant who wants to have a berries business on his own.

Distribution of Continental Berries Crops

În prezent, compania are contracte de colaborare cu două dintre cele mai prestigioase universități din Cluj și Timișora. Parteneriatele de colaborare susțin eforturile noastre de înmulțire in vitro a capsunilor, murelor si zmeurei.

Planul Nostru Pentru Dezvoltare

Continental Berries wants to develop its business in the following 3 directions:

First Stage
Crop Mechanization

Crop Mechanization
This investment will be used for implementing a performing drip irrigation system on an area of ​​50 hectares in the next 2 years (2020 and 2021), water storage tanks for irrigation, efficient fertigation systems, systems for detecting diseases through sensors, improvements of the current greenhouses, video surveillance systems, drone fertilization system, purchase of plant halls, purchase of textile membranes for blackberries and strawberries, fencing of land holdings. The investment will be fully recovered in the next 5 years, after which the crops will become self-sufficient and will bring profit to the company.
First Stage
Second Stage
Processing Lines Maximization
Continental Berries wants to expand this business also by processing the fresh fruits and obtaining finished products used in various fields of activity.
a) Concentrated syrups
b) Dehydrated fruits
c) Tea and other pharmaceutical / powder products.
For these, Continental Berries must build a processing factory equipped with all the necessary tools to obtain these products. Continental Berries wants to be an important player in the Romanian and European agricultural market of berries, whose main purpose is the modernization and mechanization of the whole agricultural chain
Second Stage
Third stage
Genetic research
We are fully aware of the importance of changing the agricultural model in Romania and of the climate changes in the last period which lead to the necessity of adopting new innovative measures to ensure a production corresponding to the current market demand. Genetic research supports this change and we see it as a future business tool to be able to meet the market demand for berries at the lowest costs. Through genetic research we not only want to obtain much healthier plants, resistant to diseases, pests and climatic conditions, but also to obtain and patent new varieties that will be marketed on the Romanian / European / world market.
Third stage

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